Not Vital

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg is dedicating Not Vital’s first institutional solo exhibition in Austria. The extensive monographic show includes 21 sculptures, three expansive installations that take up entire rooms and walls, and a hundred and forty-four drawings.

Exhibition IR
Artists Not Vital
Curator Thorsten Sadowsky and Christina Penetsdorfer
Venue The Museum der Moderne Salzburg
All images Courtesy by The Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Not Vital is considered a nomadic artist who, for about fifty years now, has been exploring the world with an anthropological inquisitiveness.

In his studios in Brazil, Chile, China, Italy and Niger, he lives and works for several months with the local  people and their cultures and traditions. At the same time, Vital is closely connected to the place of his origin, the Swiss Engadine, to which he regularly returns.

The artist draws the inspiration for his works from this multitude of places and encounters with people, local traditions and handicraft techniques, but also from his own childhood and youth memories. Vital’s works are formally characterized by a fascinating clarity and precision and convey an enigmatic timelessness through their somehow indefinable, archaic-seeming iconography.


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