Matthias Neuenhofer

In his abstract video installations, German artist Matthias Neuenhofer explores what forms the chaotic coincidental movements of a spatio-temporal disorder can generate.

Exhibition _turbulenz
Artists Matthias Neuenhofer
Venue Mental Space, Essen

The video installations by Matthias Neuenhofer are vivid algorithms, expanding the physical space into an audio-visual skyline.

Dynamic drone-like surfaces are constantly moving and changing their geometrical shapes, accompanied by noisy synthetic sounds. The mostly black-and-white video-organisms have been programmed with a generative software and are interrelated with modified camera images, forming a composition which endlessly reorganizes itself and revealing new perspectives because of the different relations to each other.

All the relationships in which the basic materials (video and tracking data samples) are processed, form a non-linear time-continuum, which fits in the presentation as a linear experience, like the spatial structure in a virtual two-dimensional projection.

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