The Blue One Comes in Black
Liz Magor

Liz Magor draws her ideas from beliefs, reactions, and human behavior, especially when they have something to do with the material world. She is interested in the social and emotional lives of ordinary, even domestic objects, being especially fond of materials that have lost the luster of their former use or function.

Exhibition The Blue One Comes in Black
Artists Liz Magor
Venue le Crédac

Selecting them for their capacity to contain and reflect stories, like personal and collective identities, Magor reveals a resonance that goes beyond their mere utilitarian func- tion through transformations and shifts.

Her works, she says, are designed, created and polished through a play of contradictions and seem to restore the antagonisms that both torment and par- take of the vitality of existence. Magor tips us off, as it were, by working from hyperrealist casts of daily objects and articles of clothing, and stitching back up and conserving objects chosen for their manifest obso- lescence. Through this awakening of an anonymous material world, we can read a certain history of our modern culture, from property to the need to protect and accumulate, as well as the ambiguity and incons- tancy of the desire that connects us with objects.

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