Bert Danckaert

Horizon is a series of images by Bert Danckaert that play ironically with the aura of painting and pure photography. Shot between 2013 and 2016 in nine cities on three continents, the series comprises eighty images.

Exhibition Horizon
Artists Bert Danckaert
Venue Roberto Polo Gallery, Brussels

Bert Danckaert, who lives and works in Antwerp, travels throughout the world in search of politically and socially charged images that are simultaneously documentary as well as conceptual. His images strike a balance between abstraction and figuration, form and content. Bert Danckaert considers “reduction and abstraction as tools to deal with difficult and complex subject matter, leading to ‘the image as comfort'”. The empathetic interpretation of his images can be documentary, formal, or both. His discerning eye transforms banal cityscapes into what photography historian and curator Inge Henneman describes as extraordinary “urban still lifes” that reveal his vast knowledge of art history and understanding of Modern Art—a legacy that allows him to morph the narrative and tangible into the formal and unreal.

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