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Encyclopedia, Incomplete from A to Z
Charlotte Lybeer

In Enclyclopedia. Incomplete from A to Z, Charlotte Lybeer confronts her own work with photographic images from the Spaarnestad National Archive collection.

Publication Encyclopedia, Incomplete from A to Z
Artists Charlotte Lybeer
Publisher self published

The Spaarnestad collection consists of press and documentary photography from the 1850’s until the 20th century. The photographic images are mostly used by historians and different media to illustrate historical facts and stories.
Lybeer’s work can be situated somewhere in between documentary photography, visual arts and clinical social criticism. Intrigued by people’s reactions on the ever growing artificiality of this world, she photographs a utopian escape from the every day life. Lybeer shows us the absurd in a detached but direct way. A closed and lonely world, captured in beauty.

An exhibition based on the publication will be showcased at Tique Art Space from March 17 until April 9th 2016.

The publication and exhibition have been made possible by BesteBuren, Spaarnestad Photo and Jedithja de Groot.

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