Eduardo Basualdo

Eduardo Basualdo (b. 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a multimedia artist best known for his enigmatic large-scale sculptures that draw on literature, philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, and film.

All images Courtesy of the artist and PSM, Berlin.

His early training as an actor and puppeteer forms the basis of his mastery and continues to serve his imagination in installation-based work, for which he works with uncanny objects and built environments that unsettle viewers’ relationships to space.

Victoria Noorthoorn, who curated his most recent solo exhibition in the Buenos Aires Museum of Moden Art, previously described his work as follows: “Basualdo’s works will, whether we want to or not, train our eye to perceive what is not there, what lies beyond. In his works (in his worlds) there is always more than meets the eye: and what does meet the eye is there to lead it towards this dimension of the yet unseen. However much there might be, there is always more: a chink in an otherwise solid door, some extra space and emptiness behind or beyond the continuous lines of everyday life, the ghostly image of what lies beneath the table or behind the wall, the visible shadow of the hidden blade. His art constructs a peepshow into other worlds.”

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