Printed Matter

You Will Find It Where It Is: A Reader
Sonja Thomsen

This wondrous artist book serves as a catalyst and declaration of Sonja Thomsen’s iterative practice where time and light are material and metaphor.

Publication You Will Find It Where It Is: A Reader
Artists Sonja Thomsen
Publisher Poor Farm Press

You Will Find It Where It Is: A Reader, is a meditation to move our locus of attention. The layered book of photographs creates space and redacts gendered histories of knowledge to make room for new discoveries.

Polishing her feminist lens, Thomsen intercepts the timelines of nineteenth-century writer, Margaret Fuller; twentieth-century photographer, Lucia Moholy; and twenty-first-century conceptual artist, Maria Nordman among others.

As an artist, novice scientist, and citizen engaged in the pursuit of new knowledge, Sonja Thomsen believes that wonder is paramount to imagine post-patriarchal futures.

Available at: Poor Farm Press and Printed Matter Inc.

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