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Scriptings: Political Scenarios My Name Is Language by Nicoline van Harskamp
Nicoline van Harskamp

My Name Is Language (2020) explores the key tenets of artist Nicoline van Harskamp’s research and practice, such as the contemporary use and modification of languages, a treatment of names as a spoken language rather than spelt identity markers, and the practice of self-naming.

Publication Scriptings: Political Scenarios My Name Is Language by Nicoline van Harskamp
Artists Nicoline van Harskamp
Publisher Scriptings in collaboration with Archive Books and EECLECTIC

In the fictive worlds represented in this book, society is not centralized, not oversized, and self-naming is brought forward as a form of self-empowerment and resistance. Central to this book are scripts by Nicoline van Harskamp, for the video work PDGN and a series of staged works titled My Name Is Language.

A scholar of literary arts and performance culture, Avishek Ganguly reflects in his essay “Global Englishes, Rough Futures” on questions of translation, incomprehension, and untranslatability in Nicoline van Harskamp’s work. The book also includes a list of text-change algorithms that the artist calls “distorters” and an excerpt from “Woman on the Edge of Time” (1976) by Marge Piercy.

Scriptings Political Scenarios: My Name is Language by Nicoline van Harskamp consists of a printed book and an e-pub with additional features.

Series editor and general design concept: Achim Lengerer
Design print: Julie Högner, Archive Appendix
Design e-pub: Janine Sack, EECLECTIC
Proofreading: Niamh Dunphy
Set in Garamond and OPS Favorite Favorite
Languages: Arabic, Ewé, French, Hindi, German, Irish, Dutch, Portuguese, Urhobo, Croatian, English and Englishes.

The publication is available in print at Archive Books
publication: 238 pages, black and white, and colour
ISBN 978-3-948212-39-1

And available digitally as an e-pub at EECLECTIC
ISBN 978-3-947295-61-6 epub
6,99 EURO

My Name Is Language by Nicoline van Harskamp is the first issue of the new reader series Scriptings: Political Scenarios (Ed. Achim Lengerer) published in collaboration with Archive Books and EECLECTIC.

Scriptings: Political Scenarios publishes carefully selected scripts and texts by artists that refer neither to academic forms nor to purely literary forms of writing, but rather embed “text” as a fully integral part of contemporary political and visual art practice.

Nicoline van Harskamp is an Amsterdam based artist whose work considers acts of language and solidarity. She has exhibited her video and installation works in art centres, universities, and festivals internationally. Her works about “Englishes” and artists are accessible as a massive online open course on Van Harskamp is a professor for performative art at the University of Fine Arts in Münster, Germany. Her work My Name is Language is part of the exhibition Monoculture at M HKA, Antwerp.

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