Printed Matter

Mia Oberländer

Anna is a story about three generations of extraordinary women in a village and the difference between big and great. Mia Oberländer tells virtuously about being great and being different in our small-minded world.

Publication Anna
Artists Mia Oberländer
Publisher Edition Moderne
Dimensions 16 × 24 cm
Pages 220 pages
ISBN 978-3-03731-222-3
Available here

Are you full of contradictions? So is this book. Are you bendy and solid? Assured and vulnerable? Physical and reflective? So is Anna! I think you will get along. 

Do tragedies have the best jokes? Is comedy the saddest genre? Sometimes! And clever people say stupid things. and vice versa. and happy and sad. and silly and profound. and personal and universal… and… and…

This is a highly entertaining tour de force that runs the emotional gamut. Mia Oberländer’s drawing fold me through the pages at an exhilarating clip and leave me wobbling about in search of a big soft pencil.

So pull up a tiny little chair. Sit down as best you can. And just read it! This is a very good comic. —  Joe Kessler, comic-artist and author of «Windowpane» (Breakdownpress) and «The Gull Yettin» (The New York Review of Books)

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