Printed Matter

Axel De Marteau

For the past years, the work of Axel De Marteau focuses on relationships between humans and nature and the concept of co-existence. When roaming the streets, he engages in small encounters and is interested in moments of the frivolous. The small gestures he captures are often translated in small sequences in handmade books. Limited to a specific moment in time and space.

Publication Sally
Artists Axel De Marteau
Publisher Self published

In Saly, De Marteau explores the journey of a salamander, wandering off in the burning sun, in the small village of St Piereville in France. The images show the movements of the little creature, ultimately blending into a choreography. The backdrop is whited out. The only context left is a small dot of dirt, which functions as a point of recognition.

To emphasize the salamanders subtle gestures, the book is printed on a risograph. It’s journey is translated into one sequence. The salamander strolls from one page to another, seemingly unaware of the limitations of the book.

The book is completely handmade and printed on a Risograph printer at So-Ri printing studio in Antwerp, in a limited edition of 68. The first 8 copies are accompanied by a fine art print. Available at and by contacting the artist.

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