Wolfgang Lehrner

Born with wanderlust, the artist Wolfgang Lehrner leaves his hometown Vienna again and again to spend as much time as possible in the global metropolises of our time. “Living the International Style” – he has explored cities like Athens, London or Mexico City with his preferred art practice: Excessive city walks, some of them the length of a marathon in just one day.

All images Courtesy by the artist and Zeller Van Almsick gallery

He refers to the fact that all cities are multi-layered and unique, but nevertheless form an interacting whole – and this is also the way his works come together: “Metro/Polis”, “The Standard City” and “City Without Name” are projects consisting of hundreds of photographs and film shots that, like a puzzle, only form the bigger picture when put together.

In the last two years, Wolfgang Lehrner has traveled extensively through the urban regions along the Mediterranean coast for his latest project “Medineo”.

Medineo is a fictional city and yet real. This city on the Mediterranean coast has no defined location and is not shown on any map. Medineo, which pretends to be more new than old, could exist almost everywhere along the Mediterranean coast. Over time, the individual port may have lost its significance, but the common cultural history connects these port cities and guarantees constant change. Medineo: a universal place of departure and arrival, of conflict and cooperation, of opposites and similarities, of vision and reality – ready to reflect the new and flexible mindset of our time.

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