Sebastian Jefford

Sebastian Jefford (born 1990, Swansea, Wales) studied at University of West of England and Royal Academy Schools, and lives and works in Berlin. He makes work that falls somewhere in between sculpture, installation and painting.

All images Courtesy by the artist

In his work, images are inflated, compressed, scuffed, worn out: the idea of the image as dirty, as a pollutant, both materially and ideologically is often a point of departure for the work – that perhaps ‘The Cloud’, is more like a swamp. An attempt to address the actual materiality of the supposedly immaterial image: the idea that the image world runs on oil. Server farms in deserts and wastelands are powered and cooled by fossil fuels, which are essentially dinosaurs and plants, compressed over time, and microchips contain materials mined from the earth. Ultimately the work tries to capture the idea of time, image and materiality as a mess, but the mess has nodes, and maybe the nodes can be mapped.

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