Eva Löfdahl

Spanning over 40 years Eva Löfdahl’s practice has generated an oeuvre of sculpture, objects, paintings and performance that resist simple linguistic categorisation. Her works can be perceived as challenging and inscrutable while they convey an unerring analytical ability, together with a super-sensitivity for material and spatial concerns.

All images Courtesy by the artist and Galerie Nordenhake

Löfdahl’s materials are often unpretentious and close to hand – not infrequently modified everyday objects like plaster, wire rods, magnets, or string. The act of making the work is simultaneously a way to get to grips with its subject and constitutes an attempt to make the abstract and diffuse concrete and graspable by taking the abstraction further.

Her sculptures in fact constitute the materialisation of actual phenomena. While subjects like molecular engineering and probability currents are impossibly complex and abstract for the layman, Löfdahl is interested in their real-world implications and applications. In the early 90’s Löfdahl made a series of works titled Model (Model M, Model B) which are indeed exactly that – models of proposals and conjecture. Löfdahl’s work can be understood using this literal approach.

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