p p p punctual
Michael Van den Abeele

The main component of the exhibition p p p punctual consists of large pieces who’s silhouettes are composed out of two or more variations on the Herman Grid illusion and the Scintillating Grid; causing the viewer to ‘see’ ghost-like grey or white blobs on the intersections of each grid. Hence surface or body of each composition provokes a constant shift of focus and fails to register all together.

Exhibition p p p punctual
Artists Michael Van den Abeele
Venue Levy Delval, Brussels

Hypnotizing or enervating, the grid illusion subjects every viewer to the same optical effect, reducing him and her to optical machines (Lux Lex!). The large pieces are made of denim that is bleached, and though the technique is merely an anecdote, it is appreciative that this locates the image within the fabric and not on top, stressing the object-character of the pieces. Each of the compositions are given titles as character forming mottos -or totems if you wish- such as Frank exchange of Views, Passing Complexion, Middle-class And Blue Eyes, White Rhythm or Maybe We Can Stay In Touch; a hopeful projection on them having a sense of attitude, skin-deep humor and formal self-awareness. The animated surface in front of the viewer may very well be illusiory and one may not believe in animism, but you could find comfort in the idea that animism believes in you. And if not totems, one could easily as well coin the large pieces as closet-calvinists outing themselves.

These works will be joined by an animated text The Punctual, as well as by a series of smaller drawings.

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