#2: Contemporary Camera



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The Space: Furkablick, the most legendary artist’s residency you’ve never heard of.
Six Questions: Mark Dorf answering six questions about his work.
The City: an introduction to the art scene of São Paulo.


In Tique | art paper #2, we present artists who use pre-existing photographic images as a point of departure in formulating their work, as a source of research material, as a means of replacing their own photographic documentation or as a commentary on our society. In short, we take a look at the use of this existing flow of images as a contemporary camera. It includes features on the artists Sara Cwynar, Celine van den Boorn, Corinne Vionnet, Eva Stenram, Sophie Barbasch, Clement Valla, Ruth van Beek and Lotte Reimann.


The Influence: Hana Miletić.
The Work: ‘The Letter’ by Peter Miller.
The Process: Ben Woodeson.

Artist Editions

Separating each section are artist editions, this time from artists Liesbet Grupping, Nick Geboers, Vincen Beeckman and Timo van Grinsven. Their editions are also for sale here.

Title #2: Contemporary Camera
By Tique
Publisher Tique
Format Magazine
Language(s) English
Pages 114