Unreal Estate the Book

Ksenia Galiaeva


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Unreal Estate is about the fragility of a temporary situation and using vibrancy and humor to deny it; about the visible synchronization of the characters with their environment; the particular time structure inherent to a summer day spent in a country house; the way objects and actions acquire meaning, grow out of proportion, and become metaphors; the roles that the characters take on themselves, voluntarily, with gratitude and pleasure; about wishful thinking and the urge to secure things that are impossible to keep.

Title Unreal Estate the Book
By Ksenia Galiaeva
Publisher Self published
ISBN 978-90-81485-92-0
Format Book
Year 2023
Language(s) English
Pages 208
Texts Ksenia Galiaeva, Ellen Rutten
Graphic design Jain Dallae & Park Woohyuk