30-03-2017 | 29-04-2017

Romain Brunet / Stef Van Looveren

Tique | art space presents a duo exhibition by French artist Romain Brunet and Belgian artist Stef Van Looveren.

French artist Romain Brunet scrutinizes our body tissue in all its intimate imperfections. Originally educated as a graphic designer, Romain Brunet experimented with a wide variety of photographic techniques before ending up at smartphone photography. Brunet works with the blurrying, pixelating effect of the smartphone camera to create his often haunting portrayals.

Inspired by the banal and everyday, Brunet is especially interested in the images of the body, in its range of connotations. Almost like a surgeon, he dissects and examines the material that on the most basal level constitutes a person. This human fabric is mostly shown in close-up, or heavily cropped, hence emphasizing its slightest detail and most subtle feelings. Brunet succeeds in rendering visible aesthetics of the true; in a direct and raw manner, the portrayed person’s particularity is exposed.

Stef Van Looveren is an Antwerp (Belgium) based artist. They studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins, London and Sint Lucas, Antwerp. Their practice translates itself into video installation, photo and collage. These installations are used, as an attempt to reflect and dismantel the performativity of human behaviour, primarily within the notion of gender. Playfully mimicking our social conducts along with visual culture, their work moves towards a surreal gesture. 

Watch the teaser of the project GAG, shown at Tique | art space, here: