06-09-2018 | 08-09-2018

Peripheral Vision
Ralph Collier

There is a veil of other images that settles on her image and blurs it, a weight of memories that keep me from seeing her as a person seen for the first time, other people’s memories suspended like the smoke under the lamps.
Italo Calvino, “If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler”

What happens in the brief timeframe in which what we see and what we think we already know collide?

Peripheral Vision shifts the focus to these transitory shadows, occurring on the edges of your sight. Especially when you think you notice something or someone well-known from the corner of your eye during the time you share with other visitors in the exhibition, and you perhaps stop in your tracks to get a second glance, the question remains, as in Calvino’s book-in-a-book where it is unclear in the beginning what and who is read: “What and who do I see for real?”

In his artistic practice, Ralph Collier (°1990, B) questions the nature of image, exhibition and reality by carefully unhinging their constitutive elements and meticulously modifying their fundamental or formal qualities.

Written by Eline Verstegen