28-01-2016 | 20-02-2016

Unreal estate #2
Ksenia Galiaeva

With the project ‘Unreal Estate’, Ksenia Galiaeva explores the ways in which memory can be influenced and guided and which part it plays in perception. Although her work is not staged, she chooses to portray certain moments that allow room for interpretation and give her the opportunity to distance herself from the moment.
Ksenia describes her work as ‘autobiographical fiction’, a tool she uses to construct her own life story.

The solo exhibition ‘Unreal Estate #2’, opening on January 28 at Tique | art space, is the second in a series of exhibitions by Ksenia Galiaeva under this collective name.

Ksenia Galiaeva [1976, Pskov, RU] studied at the School of Fine Art and Design in Den Bosch [NL] and at the Post St. Joost in Breda [NL]. She exhibits regularly, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and is represented by Ellen de Bruijne Projects in Amsterdam. Galiaeva is a tutor at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

She lives and works in Antwerp and Amsterdam.