31-10-2020 | 26-11-2020

Tique Vitrine #1
Eun Lee

The Poster Series, as a part of ‘What should we have talked?’ Project.

The project ‘What should we have talked?’ started from the Covid-19 pandemic to talk about anti-Asian racism. Eun Lee is originally from South Korea in East Asia. Being in Rotterdam, when the first wave started in March 2020, she faced several random racisms in public spaces. It was various, such as gazing or coughing to her, or even more aggressive actions. When she shared these experiences, most of the reactions around her was “I’m sorry to hear that, but you should ignore stupid/uneducated weirdos.” However, actually, most of the offenders were normal people.

After these incidents, she started to share her stories to speak up and against racial discrimination as a project. She made a one-page risograph zine(#44 of Quaranzine) with Public Collectors in the US, had a show at Growing Space in the south of Rotterdam. She developed the poster series idea with research of articles, news, as well as testimonies from the Asian people during the pandemic while being a resident at the Frans Masereel Centrum. Each poster doesn’t have a strong impact itself, but the audience would find a certain narrative through the whole series of posters. The stories on the posters include a part of our reality, neither fiction nor exaggerated imaginary.

Tique Vitrine

Because art is essential, especially in these challenging times, we’ve created a Covid-19-proof exhibition series that’s only visible from the outside of Tique | art space called Tique Vitrine.