06-06-2019 | 16-06-2019

In The End, Books & Multiplied present

In The End, Books & Multiplied present: …/CC01, the first edition of CC (Carbon Copy). Through an open call artists who use writing in their artistic practice were invited to send in their texts and become part of a new scribal network. The selected text will be shown during the exhibition. Within this network, texts will circulate freely and readers/writers can modify, adapt, appropriate, comment, etc…

During the exhibition, the audience is invited to ‘copy’ the text in a method they deem fit. All copies created during the exhibition will be added to the show.

The Exhibition will show works by:
Peter Lemmens, Emma Gregory, Wendy Morris, Puck Vonk, Erin Honeycutt, Hanne Van Dyck, Ananda Serné, Dorothee Lang, Pierre Coric, Hristina Tasheva, Mark Luyten, Khristina Klumbies, Idris Sevenans, Laura Op ‘t Eynde, Yvonne Lake, Karina Beumer, Arjan Vanmeenen, Zuzanna Sosnowska, Pamela García, Li Jia Ning Michelle, Katrien Kustermans, Dries van Doorn, James McColl, Anneleen Steenbergen, Katya Derksen, Julian Van Der Moere, Reinier Vrancken, li-jen tan, Kat Cassar, Frie J. Jacobs, Sarah-Kay Blewitt, Ennikke Visselaar, Maxim Ryckaerts, Jordy Koevoets, Fred Michiels, Niels Poiz, Tom Peeters, Andrea Zrno, Tim Verherstraeten, Typophobia, & Emerald Liu.

…/CC01 was inspired by samizdat, an underground self-publishing network that originated in the Soviet Eastern European countries because of censorship.

This exhibition has been made possible with the support of the District Antwerpen & Tique Art Space.