Tique Salon #7: Stefan Vanthuyne

Stefan Vanthuyne is a photographer, researcher and writer. He has published four artist’s books: From here into oblivion, Vol.1, Remember the white horses, The hill that wasn’t and Pulsar. The hill that wasn’t was selected for ‘Tafels’ (Tabels), a presentation of 80 artist’s books and special art books from Holland and Flanders.
He regularly writes about photography and photobooks for De Standaard, Oogst and Knack Focus. His articles have also been published in Extra (FOMU), 1000 Words, The Ones We Love Magazine, TIS blog, Agenda Magazine and SNOR.
He is a researcher on photobook culture in Belgium at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and a member of the photography research group Thinking Tools, also at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

At Tique Salon, Stefan Vanthuyne will talk about his own practice and some of his favourite photobooks.

Tique Salon is formulated and organized by Katrin Kamrau (malenki.net) and Welmer Keesmaat (Tique).

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