Tique Salon #6: Manor Grunewald & Stephanie Kiwitt

During the sixth edition of Tique Salon, the Brussels based artist Stephanie Kiwitt and Ghent based artist Manor Grunewald will give an insight into their practice and the role of publication within.

Stephanie Kiwitt is using photography to observe public space and reflect on the increasing commercialization of everyday life in our affluent Western society. She will present her work Capital Decor in which she examines advertising strategies of discounters using image and sound. Capital Decor was published by Kodoji Press in 2011 as a leporello fold and a vinyl disc.

Manor Grunewald major mediums are painting and sculpture. Finding his sources in a wide range of books & magazines, Manor developed an artistic practice focussing on defragmentation of figurative content using processes being linked to printing.

Tique Salon #6 will take place on Wednesday 2 November, starting at 19.30.
Address: Korte Vlierstraat 5, 2000 Antwerpen.

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