Tique Salon #15

During Tique Salon #15, we invited several colleagues running vivid initiatives within the field of independent publishing to share insights about their vision and mission.

Brussels based platform Eatmypaper was founded in 2016 by Camille Carbonaro to promotes young Belgian and international artists revolving around independent publishing. Eatmypaper runs a salon offering self-published work and small-scale editions, creative workshops and reflection on independent publishing in the field of photography, illustration, cartoons and graphic experimentation.

Isabelle Vanhoutte will speak about the art multiple Harmonie, which she distributes at different public locations in Antwerp since 2010. Within the limits of an envelope and a central theme, Isabelle invites artists to make interesting, gripping work to reach an unexpected public.

Ersi Varveri and Gijs Waterschoot, also from Antwerp, are currently running Pink House. They will introduce several zines and magazines being produced within their d.i.y. publishing workshop The ‚pINK hOUSE pRESS.

All talks are in English.
Tique Salon is formulated and organized by Katrin Kamrau (malenki.net) and Welmer Keesmaat (Tique).

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