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Exhibition - 03-06-2021 | 26-06-2021

Chloé Op de Beeck

Three photographs, printed on wood and found in the family archive, are positioned in the space as tactile objects. In every picture, a posing woman,…

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Exhibition - 22-04-2021 | 16-05-2021

Oliver Leu

In 2020 Oliver Leu published the book “Leopold’s Legacy”, a result of years of research on colonial monuments in Belgium and the question of their…

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Exhibition - 22-01-2021 | 21-02-2021

Miles Fischler – the finger and the moon

i’ve started looking for signs
no feverish searching for explanations
if i need a sign, i will find it
you could also…

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Exhibition - 27-11-2020 | 04-01-2021

Axel De Marteau – We stood still. We all stood still. Still stood still. We’re standing still.

Axel De Marteau’s (b.1994, Antwerp) photographic practice focuses on the co-existence of humans and nature, and concepts of territory. His depictions of the natural world,…

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Exhibition - 31-10-2020 | 26-11-2020

Eun Lee – The Poster Series, as a part of ‘What should we have talked?’ Project

The Poster Series, as a part of ‘What should we have talked?’ Project.

The project ‘What should we have talked?’ started from the Covid-19 pandemic…

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Exhibition - 06-02-2020 | 22-02-2020

Eva Donckers – What happens when nothing happens

It’s the strangest thing of all,
Stranger than all poets’ dreams
And all philosophers’ thoughts,
That things are really what they…

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Exhibition - 14-12-2019 | 17.00 hrs

Hans Demeulenaere & Meryem Bayram – W hole

For years artists Meryem Bayram and Hans Demeulenaere have been working with the posibilities of space. ‘W hole’ is their first collaboration. Starting point was their shared…

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Exhibition - 10-10-2019 | 02-11-2019

Eleanor Duffin – Phantoms of Form; A Scaffolding

Manifesting as an ongoing project, Phantoms of Form takes as it’s central point the idea of the “other” woman. The protagonist is a female figure,…

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Exhibition - 26-09-2019 | 28-09-2019

malenki.NET #1

malenki.NET comes to Antwerp. What are the themes and topics of (inter-)national makers, photographers and artists? What are they working on? How is an…

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Exhibition - 05-09-2019 | 21-09-2019

Katrin Kamrau – 18 x 24 cm

“Met dank aan Agfa Gevaert voor de fotografische bijdrage.”1

For her solo exhibition 18   x   24  cm at Tique | art space, the…

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Exhibition - 06-06-2019 | 16-06-2019


In The End, Books & Multiplied present: …/CC01, the first edition of CC (Carbon Copy). Through an open call artists who use writing in their…

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Exhibition - 09-05-2019 | 01-06-2019

Intimate Structures #2

The exhibition ‘Intimate Structures #2’ includes works by Romy Alizée, Elena Aya Bundurakis, Valentina Stellino and Dinaya Waeyaert.

How do you gain an understanding of…

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Exhibition - 28-03-2019 | 20-04-2019

Grass, rocks, wires

For the exhibition Grass, rocks, wires, curator Andrea Copetti invites Thomas Boivin, Massao Mascaro and Stefan Vanthuyne to engage in a confrontation, or rather a…

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Exhibition - 29-11-2018 | 02-12-2018

Titus Simoens – 11:00 am

11:00 am describes and shows the weekly appointments between Alfons and photographer Titus Simoens. Alfons is an 81-year-old man who lives in Ghent,…

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Exhibition - 04-10-2018 | 27-10-2018

Babs Decruyenaere

Visual artist Babs Decruyenaere creates a personal universe with whatever natural elements she finds outdoors. Pebbles, leaves, sea shells, … she collects the natural gems…

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Exhibition - 06-09-2018 | 08-09-2018

Ralph Collier – Peripheral Vision

There is a veil of other images that settles on her image and blurs it, a weight of memories that keep me from seeing her…

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Exhibition - 18-05-2018 | 09-06-2018

Vincen Beeckman – Espinho

Brussels-based photographer Vincen Beeckman takes a close interest in people on the margins of society, the underdogs and the outcasts. In the northern-Portuguese city of…

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Exhibition - 25-05-2018 | 09-06-2018

Hanne Van Dyck – Crush Barrier

Crush Barrier, a video made during a summer sojourn in a large empty hotel in high alpine territory, is part of an ongoing investigation by…

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Exhibition - 26-04-2018 | 12-05-2018


/// is a group exhibition with Karolien Chromiak, Isabel Fredeus, Nadia Guerroui, Felicitas Rohden and Benjamin Verhoeven.
The exhibition opens on Thursday 26 April…

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Exhibition - 29-03-2018 | 14-04-2018


“The Jungle” is a large residential area of 500,000m2 in the outskirts of Calais, France. Surrounded by a 5 meters-high metallic fence and equipped with…

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