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IKEA Tottenham
Sara MacKillop

Sara MacKillop: “I took the photographs in this publication during the last weekend that IKEA Tottenham was open to the public before it closed down permanently in August 2022. I didn’t have the intention of making a publication or photographing the shop when I set out on the trip. I had visited many times and even conducted a workshop on Artists books in the cafe and somehow the closing seemed like a significant event, many people were talking about it.”

Publication IKEA Tottenham
Artists Sara MacKillop
Publisher Sara MacKillop
Dimensions 210x297 mm
Pages 48 pages
Available here

Sara MacKillop: “Upon entering I photographed a few shop displays that were empty and broken down. I was surprised how far from the branded controlled environment it had moved. The carefully decided domestic interiors had transformed into different striking compositions through removal and neglect. As I moved further into the shop more and more compositions arose and I kept photographing.”

Sara MacKillop: “I have previously made versions of the free category IKEA brochures using the physical and online versions of these brochures as a starting point to make alternative layouts through scanning, layering and representation. These are IKEA Bathrooms, Kitchens, Wardrobes and Worksurfaces. I paused this project in 2018 and then came back to it for this publication in 2023. While using the same IKEA brochure format this is more of a straight photography layout augmented with found text and graphics. The paper weight, binding and print echo the original publication within the parameters of available print on demand services.”

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