Printed Matter

A Gesture Is A Liquid
Melissa Gordon

A Gesture Is A Liquid is an artist book which gathers models, mock-ups and digital drawings which form the basis and elements of future and current in-process paintings by Melissa Gordon.

Publication A Gesture Is A Liquid
Artists Melissa Gordon
Publisher Published by Melissa Gordon and Daniel Rother

These documents are assembled around the essay A Gesture is a Liquid which is an excerpt from a long-form essay on gesture and liquidity by Gordon. It is a view into a process and practice at a moment in time, 2019.

Designed by Daniel Rother with full access to the archive of Gordon’s images, the book is visually playing with glitch and overlap of ideas, models, and the movement between images and texts. 

Editors: Melissa Gordon and Daniel Rother
Text: Melissa Gordon
Design: Daniel Rother
Edition: 60
Available through the editors.

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