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Flawless, Seamless
Marge Monko

Flawless, Seamless presents nineteen works that explore what Marge Monko calls “the architecture of desire,” drawing inspiration from public banners, print advertisements, shop displays, show windows, etc.

Publication Flawless, Seamless
Artists Marge Monko
Texts Moritz Scheper and three conversations with Erika Hock, Maruša Sagadin, and Paul Kuimet
Graphic design Indrek Sirkel
Publisher Lugemik
Dimensions 205  × 270 mm
Pages 272 pages
Paper Galerie Art Matt 130g, Galerie Art Gloss 150g, Galerie Art Silk 150g, Munken Polar Rough 120g, Amber Graphic 60g, Nautilus Classic 120g
ISBN ISBN 978-9949-7381-9-9
Available here

These ubiquitous promotional strategies, designed to evoke an abiding, aspirational desire, suggest that the products they represent will fulfill the promise of luxury, romance, and happiness. Monko’s interest in these inseparable elements of capitalist society can be traced back to her childhood in the 1980s, which in the context of the Soviet Union was marked by the shortage of commodities.

The works are accompanied by an essay by curator and writer Moritz Scheper and three conversations with Monko’s fellow artists and friends, Erika Hock, Maruša Sagadin, and Paul Kuimet. In his text, Scheper makes connections between Monko’s earlier and more recent works, and elaborates on different femininities prevailing in East and West. The conversations touch upon the subjects such as artist’s work, materiality, collaboration, and bookmaking.

Flawless, Seamless is the first monograph of Marge Monko, encompassing works from 2014 to 2021. The publication is edited by Laura Toots, designed by Indrek Sirkel, and published by Lugemik. The publication was supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Estonian Union of Photography Artists (Foku).

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