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sawing a plank is like going for a walk
Kato Six

The work of Kato Six balances between abstract and figurative art. She works with different themes which she develops into series or ensembles. Architecture, design, domesticity and utensils all function as important references.

Publication sawing a plank is like going for a walk
Artists Kato Six
Texts Phillip Van den Bossche, Filarowska, Eva Wittocx
Publisher Posture Editions, co-published with M Leuven
Dimensions 297 × 210 mm
Pages 96 pages
ISBN 978 94 9126 251 7
Available here

Starting from these, she uses recognisable and everyday materials such as MDF, stone, plastic or textiles. Kato wants to question certain affinities and let the viewer look at familiar objects or images from a different perspective. As a viewer, you feel connected to the object or image but the actual meaning or function no longer applies.

Kato Six in conversation with Eva Wittocx: “Some of my works refer to the domestic, especially the most recent ones, such as ‘Carpet Beater Carpet’ and ‘Striped Knitwear’. The invisible work done by housewives, but also by workers or maintenance staff, is certainly one of the themes addressed in ‘Carpet Beater Carpet’. The above works are textile works, created with so-called soft skills. In the arts, these soft skills are often attributed to female artists — women often being assigned a certain medium.

sawing a plank is like going for a walk is published on the occasion of Kato’s solo exhibition at M Leuven in autumn 2022. This book encapsulates 10 years of her quest as an artist.

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