Printed Matter

Through the looking glass
Hille / Essipowitsch

Founded in 2015 out of the sense of visual kinship, the collaboration of the artist duo Hille / Essipowitsch is characterized by continuous exchange and deep trust. Joint excursions inspired each other. The artist duos’ printed matter is characterized by an interwoven mysterious polyphony, identity-forming questions and profound visual research on shared authorship. So far, three artist publications are realized.

Publication Through the looking glass
Artists Hille / Essipowitsch
Publisher published by the artist

“Our artist publications Blindfold Trust, Through the looking glass and Bergen contain an equal number of photographs from both of us. They use the same algorithm: Pages are folded in the centre. The photograph of one continues the story, that began in the photographs of the other. The handmade character of this works is achieved by hand-folding and screenprinting additions.”

Hille / Essipowitsch use handprints for their artist publications, which allow blurring, dust and scratches as traces. Comparable to a dream sequence, the artists combine objects, bodies, landscapes and fragments into ever new associative visual connections. Through their intensive joint production work, a third room is created – familiar and disturbing at the same time. Where something begins, something ends. Where something is big, something becomes small. Wherever a state is formulated, it is lost the next moment. Hille / Essipowitschs’ sequencing can be read as visual metaphors of an incessant process of transformation, which includes uprooting and ‘Heimatgefühl’ as the starting points for longing. — see Katja Dannowski


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