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Picnos Tshombé
Gloria Oyarzabal

In La Picnolepsia de Tshombé, a project that consists of both a photo book and a multimedia installation, Gloria Oyarzabal examines the difficult relationship throughout time between Europe and Africa.

Publication Picnos Tshombé
Artists Gloria Oyarzabal
Publisher Witty Books

Moisé Tshombé is the personification of such problematic connections. Once the leader of a rich region in the Congo, he went into exile in Franco’s Spain in 1963, where he was kidnapped under mysterious circumstances.

In an attempt to prove how events that happened decades ago still vibrate today, Oyarzabal weaves a complex network of visual threads in this profound book, with images that arrive from various (archival) sources. In doing so, she addresses the connections between the decolonisation of Africa in the 1960s and contemporary immigration issues associated with the continent.

Edited by Gloria Oyarzabal and Moritz Neumüller.
Design by Tres Tipos Graficos.

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