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Daria Tommasi

In her first book for Oreri—Iniziativa Editoriale, Daria Tommasi manages to portray the traumatic and exceptional restrictions of the pandemic – many of which seem to be here to stay – in a lighthearted way, acknowledging the difficulties we’ve all experienced without romanticising them.

Publication videocall
Artists Daria Tommasi
Publisher Oreri—Iniziativa Editoriale
Available here

Videocall is the first book ever published by Oreri—Iniziativa Editoriale. Daria Tommasi approached us with a proposal for printing a series of drawings she did during the first lockdown in 2020, and we loved it immediately.

The book is an illustrated account of the endless video calls we had to get used to during the pandemic. With her intimate and funny drawings, Daria Tommasi takes us into her room – or into her mind – and into those of many long-distance companions.

From one video call to the next, the faces and thoughts of co-workers and strangers start becoming one and the same, making us lose track of who is saying or thinking what.

After all, we’ve all experienced the boredom, the technical issues, the inability to focus. And we’ve all laughed with people giving speeches to close mics, our co-workers pandemic fashion, or the sudden appearance of pets in the screen.

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