Printed Matter

Endgültige Fassung der Beschlussvorlage
Daniel Poller

The work consists of a series of images, all taken during the demolition of the “Institute for Teacher Education” (Potsdam, Germany) in 2018, showing the flight of a bird through the ruins of the building.

Publication Endgültige Fassung der Beschlussvorlage
Artists Daniel Poller
Publisher Edizione Multicolore
Dimensions 250x350 mm
Pages 44 pages
Binding staple bound
ISBN 978-3-948304-08-9
Available here

Poller accompanied the demolition of this outstanding example of GDR modernism for an entire year and was able to observe an animal flying through the remains of the building during a lunch break taken by the construction workers. Apparently in search of its nest, the female red-tailed hawk fluttered here and there without orientation until the excavators continued their work.

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