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Total Flag
Corinne Vionnet

An image on a screen. Photographed. Put back on the screen. Photographed again. Again and again. To the point of total disappearance. To the point of obliteration, evanescence, evaporation.

Publication Total Flag
Artists Corinne Vionnet
Publisher Self-published

Following on from the Photo Opportunities and Away series, Corinne Vionnet is once more revisiting the concepts of repetition and erasure. She is probing the ambivalence of the image, its representation and interpretation.

The focus of her current research is the American dream. And this work aims to show the extent to which America has influenced, and continues to influence, our perceptions. Its power of attraction surreptitiously modifies our behaviour, orientating our gaze and transforming our dreams, to the point of supplanting our realities.

The American flag is the first subject-object to have been placed under Vionnet’s microscope. It is an historical emblem whose symbolism is complex; a familiar, ubiquitous icon.

Total Flag gives an account of the metamorphoses undergone by photography as a result of repeated reproduction. It examines the image – its content, its force, the density of the information it contains, seen and re-seen, read and re-read, photographed and re-photographed. It also questions the omnipresence of the screens through which we filter the everyday world.

Here, Corinne Vionnet reveals how America has influenced her art, while also reflecting on the illusory nature of images, and the evolution of the American dream.

Total Flag is available here.

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