Printed Matter

Anne Vagt

Beginners is a composition of concrete and abstract drawings, each of which formulates a single thought, though also hints at something far more complex or grander than itself.

Publication Beginners
Artists Anne Vagt
Publisher Knust/Extrapool

The simple depictions – e.g. of a rug, an ice cone, a line and square, a few words on a piece of paper – are united by an aesthetic language that can be seen as characteristic for beginners in general: They are straightforward, naive, even bold; yet at the same time humble, tender, and vulnerable in their openness. All these works are beginners, everyone is a beginning of something.” — Anne Vagt


The publication was made during a two week residency – called Art Prison – at Knust/Extrapool, where Anne Vagt worked intensively together with the team of Knust into making this stencil/riso-printed book. Over the last 35 years Knust has become highly specialized in stencil/risograph printing. Knust/Extrapool has been publishing various series of book and print projects such as Art Prison, Work Holiday, Ko Zines, Slimtarra and many more. Print workspace Knust is part of artist initiative Extrapool, based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Find more details on the publishers website and the website of Anne Vagt.

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