Printed Matter

Disguise and Deception
Anika Schwarzlose

A special division of the German army called Tarnen und Täuschen (Disguise and Deception) occupies itself with rather curious affairs. The unit is dedicated to the research and development of camouflage technology and the fabrication of decoy weaponry – inflatable tanks, vehicles and imitation land mines.

Publication Disguise and Deception
Artists Anika Schwarzlose
Publisher Kodoji Press

The militarisation of visual surroundings as practiced by the technicians at the base becomes a prism for the aesthetic considerations of ideological systems, and the reciprocal effects occurring between the two. In form of an image dialogue this publication examines particular sets of relations between aesthetics and ideology.

Text by Johan Frederik Hartle
Designby Gael Paccard
20 x 27 cm, 78 pages and 20 gatefold pages,
71 color plates, 1 b&w plates, softcover with flaps

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