Six questions for
Catherine Biocca

Tique | art paper asks six questions to an artist about their work and inspiration.
This week: Catherine Biocca.

Artist Catherine Biocca
Lives in Berlin

How do you describe your own art practice?

Formally? A bunch of different two-dimensional, three-dimensional and four-dimensional elements, bits of video, audio, sculpture and drawing all coming together forming a sort of odd theatrical stage, where handmade objects, moving images and digital surfaces interact with each other through motion, sound or content.

What was your first experience with art?

Oh, I am not sure I can get back to that memory, maybe it’s better to make a good one up, like my grand father was Giorgio De Chirico and that’s the reason why surrealism and ancient Italian aesthetics are DNA feelings I cannot fight back, almost like a curse.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

The past and the internet.

What do you need in order to create your work?

I guess it comes down to a few parameters: space, money and time. Well, at the moment to be honest, since I have a great studio, I am always trying to gather those other two resources.

What are you working on at the moment?

Analog animations accomplished through a performative element.

What work or artist has most recently surprised you?

Mmh, this is always a tough one, since I feel it always depends a lot on the mood of your day what strikes or what strikes you. Anyway, the work of Ebecho Muslimova, Fatebe Big Foot, shown at Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen “No Fear of Fainting into a Gym”. Christian Boltanskis installation “NA” at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam… that’s the two I can offer for today’s freezing Thursday in Berlin.

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