Teresa Margolles

The Mexican artist Teresa Margolles studied both fine arts and forensic medicine. Margolles was one of the founding members of the SEMEFO (Servicio Médico Forense) group, which realized performances, installations and interventions in public space.

Text Welmer Keesmaat

She has subsequently worked as an independent artist and has used the mortuary as a laboratory and study space for the development of social and artistic strategies. Margolles’ investigation of death is related to her profound engagement with issues of socio-economic inequality, social exploitation, traditional mourning processes and the way that violence shapes the cultural and philosophical landscape of a society.

For an entire year, during 2010, Teresa Margolles collected the cover pages of the evening PM newspaper, from Ciudad Juárez, published Mondays through Saturdays. It is a local paper with no on-line edition and is recycled every three months. By digitalizing the cover pages and editing them into book form, the artist has produced a record of this period in history. This volume bears witness to the collapse of social fabric and, at the same time, to the resilience of the community of that troubled border city.

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