Tamara Kametani

Tamara Kametani is a visual artist born in Slovakia, currently living and working in Athens, Greece. Working across media, her practice is largely concerned with the topics of border politics, forms of surveillance and resistance, and the proliferation of technology.

All images Courtesy by the artist

She is particularly interested in the concept of techno-solutionism within the context of utopia. The subject of border politics and security is in her works intertwined with fast-expanding surveillance both online and in the physical realm. Using Google as the anti-hero information giant, Kametani has looked at the geopolitical obliteration of seas and oceans on Google Earth, or the information harvesting in the case of Google Street View.

Her current research centers on algorithms and artificial intelligence, and the belief structures they underpin specifically within the framework of conspiracy theories and prepping culture. Her recent works explore the concept of Null Island, a point in the Atlantic Ocean with geographic coordinates 0,0 that despite its lack of a physical form is home to an abundance of data due to errors and glitches in geographic information systems. An intersection of themes related to privacy and digital surveillance, boundaries of fiction and reality, as well as issues of cartography and the demarcation of borders to Kametani Null Island, might just hold the promise of a unique surveillance-resisting utopia.

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