Onishi Yasuaki

Onishi studied sculpture, and through his experience with making molds, became interested in relationships between positive forms and negative space and in grasping not only objects themselves but also their surroundings. His works have consistently dealt with the themes of margins, voids, volumes and boundaries.

All images Courtesy by the artist

Using adhesives, polyethylene sheets, and other materials that are difficult to keep in shape, he reconstructs cavities, blank spaces, and spaces and boundaries that go unnoticed in daily life, and presents works that fill the space. By visualizing the inside and outside, the front and back, or the boundaries between them, he creates works that question the relationship between various things, such as humans and nature. By focusing on other parts and boundaries instead of the object itself, a different visual experience can be obtained. It’s about seeing things from a different angle with a new perspective. The method of production is mainly based on the technique of molding. The mold is in the process of casting, and is like a vessel waiting for something else to be poured into it. By leaving the part of the mold with the accumulation of actions, phenomena, and time, the void becomes clear and can be seen from the back side.

Onishi’s focus on the absent and the invisible aids us in applying a freer and more flexible sensibility to our grasp of this endlessly complex and diverse world.

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