Namsal Siedlecki

Namsal Siedlecki works mostly with sculpture. He is often interested in transformative properties of materials. His works are often bound to transformation and evolution, moving along the thin barrier between the ephemeral and the permanent.

All images Courtesy by the artist

Very often linking to folklore, the history of arts and the evolution of culture as a whole, Siedlecki’s works combine several forms of suggestions into objects that have an ambiguous, poetic-yet-playful nature. Mvah Cha is a series of bronze sculptures made in 2019 after a residence period in Kathmandu. Siedlecki has been fascinated by the fusion technique of Nepaleses “lost wax” employed for the production of sacred sculptures. The sculptures have been exhibited at Fondazione Pastificio Cerere as part of the Crisalidi project, winner of the sixth edition of the 2019 Italian Council contest. Centro Pecci in Prato will be the final recipient of the artworks created within the scope of the project.

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