Marzia Migliora

Marzia Migliora is an artist who uses a broad spectrum of media, including photography, video, sound, performance, installation, and drawing, to create works that elevate the simplest human activities to moments able to recount excerpts of collective history.

Text Matteo Lucchetti
All images Courtesy by the artist and Galleria Lia Rumma

Extracting from her biography, art history or other familiar contexts to her, the artist is able to build complex systems of representation where the diverse subjects of inquiry are reactivated through sensitive political lenses. In the journey to the realization of such cosmogonies, the artist conceives the exhibitions space as an opportunity to create new experiences for the publics; therefore valuing the practice of the display for the unique impact it can have on people’s lives and perspectives.As an example, Migliora explored the concept of “work force” (forza lavoro) in various pieces and from many different perspectives: as a political gesture (Un caso, 2014), a historical memory and account (Stilleven, 2015), an analysis of Italian 60s economic boom (Forza Lavoro, 2016), or as the engine for accumulation of wealth in 18th century Venice (Velme, 2017). In all of these cases, the final form of the work reflected a magnified version of the single facet of labor she viscerally dissected, turning the original forms into new semiological systems. In most of her works, the element of absence, or the subtle repurposing of the existing structures, invite the viewer to establish a novel relationship with the context the work refers to while expanding its potential to contribute, visually, to an ongoing debate over the topics she chooses to deal with. Her incredible capacity to connect with different spheres of knowledge in each of her works translates into a research that is in constant evolution both conceptually and formally, revealing at every project unexpected sides of her artistic vision, able to adapt to different scales and levels of complexity.

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