Liz Glynn

Much of Glynn’s work is sculpture and installation based. Her work deals with institutional critique, collecting practices, antiquity, monument-building, and the concept of material value.

All images Courtesy by the artist and Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

Glynn is known for replicating objects of antiquity with histories that she has researched extensively using minimal materials and in a somewhat primitive manner. The works are not about perfect replication or recreating an object with equivalent material value; instead she is more interested in the subjective and historical contexts that imbue the originals with their collective—and in some ways, arbitrary—worth. Similar to her sculptural work, Glynn’s installations are composed of found and inexpensive materials and often index elements of political history, such as her installations that appear as public monuments. The underlying purpose of the installations is to engage her audiences both with the physical structure and with each other, providing a platform for social interaction.

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