Kyung-Nyu Hyun – Nahrungsaufnahme

Korean photographer Kyung-Nyu Hyun photographed the food she consumed for over a year and presented the result – over 800 images – as an installation that depicts the time of ingestion.

All images Kyung-Nyu Hyun

Kyung-Nyu Hyun: “The project ‘Nahrungsaufnahme’ compares the vastness of media consumption and production with the physical act of eating. By creating a database I establish a mutual relationship between the process of consuming and producing both food and photography.

Taking a picture is an aware process we use to document or to develop our identity, the result remains in the digital world. Our consumption of food on the other hand vanishes through our digestion and leaves its print on ourselves as a physical reaction of our body to what we eat. Just like a pixel is part of a photograph, the single pieces of my project create an image as a whole, that corresponds with myself in form of a diary”.

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