Jurgen Maelfeyt

Jurgen Maelfeyt is a graphic designer, publisher and artist based in Ghent and Paris. The main focus on his personal works is publishing artist books including titles such as BREASTS, LIPS, FURS, and his latest book WET. 

All images Courtesy by the artist

The titles he chooses for his personal projects work between the space of desire, appropriation and the body. The mainly found footage images of Maelfeyts projects float into our consciousness and are enforced, but in a way that challenges the reality of our collective proximity to their function. Images are often cropped, distorted, or embedded in memory in a way in which the reception of the image is challenged to its original form. The function of these images is somewhat lucid and shifts in several possible directions. They never actually capture a representation of meaning within their function as “aged” universally-aimed or borrowed consumer images. Maelfeyt plays with the perception of these images in production from the present. He manipulates them so that the viewer is being challenged to enter the images into their performance of function, anachronism and intent.

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