Jörgen Axelvall

I came forth as a photographer, an epithet I’m proud of but sometimes limits how my work is perceived. Rather I strive for an unconstrained ever evolving practice, as of late more expansive; incorporating experimental writing, as well as collaborations with artists of various disciplines: visual, sculptural, sound and installation.

All images Courtesy by the artist

Tending towards long-term projects – exploring intimacy and solitude; abstracted, dream-like realms, at once personal, yet universal – I search rather than research. Intuition and feelings take center stage and my work attempts to seize the utter vulnerability and beauty, transubstantiating the subject into essence of the moment. With a preference for Polaroids I pursue immediacy and tactility to preserve the thrill of each fresh encounter while embracing the imperfections and flaws inherent to instant film. A life lived on three continents has thus far proved to be an endless source of inspiration. Experiences far from my comfort zone conduce interesting work. Some take years to process, others are immediate. The final presentation is of utmost importance with hands-on involvement: meticulous scanning and post processing followed by carefully selecting printing process and medium, oftentimes designing and building unique frames, and finally detailed involvement in exhibition preparations.

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