Gabriela Pelczarska

The exploration of balance in sculpture, is something I have always been drawn to. I am particularly interested in juxtaposing materials to create an interactive relationship with the viewer and to question the function of the object. My practice engages with formalism and the importance between structure and materiality, over the content or context of conceptual construction through the recognizable and abstract.

All images Courtesy by the artist

Juxtaposing different aspects of the functional and the non-functional, using the materials of construction, the idea of making, and being careful about the history of things. My interests in urban environments versus the artistic use of materiality are usually starting points often leading to re-construction of the works. Choosing raw, untouched materials rather than transforming its shapes or forms I am more interested in creating an interplay between elements as they are, there is no modification, but the play between them comes back to the universal struggle of humanity against gravity— which has been a continuing preoccupation in my practice. The work continues to maintain traces of performativity within its objects and looking at how its changeable state might affect the audience.

When putting different materials together it is important to me to allow the viewer to understand the aesthetic and conceptual approaches, as well as compelling frameworks of differences, which are bringing out specific qualities to create new context. My curiosity of exploring the boundaries in society systems is generally deciding on the chosen materials, these associations are often domestic, industrial and bodily.  Encouraging the audience to look at the aesthetic values of mundane commodities, which often are going unnoticed, bringing political value to the work as well.
My current practice is exploiting the characteristics of opposing materials and their political potential on the demand to re-establish and maintain the fragile balance of our society. The interaction of common factors such as force, mass, acceleration, friction, surface tension, gravity is the focus of choice of materiality.

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