Eric Baudart

Delicately transposed, it’s the displaced materiality in Eric Baudart’s works that spurs their contemporary resonance. Honey-combed plastic, millimeter paper, adhesive tape – everyday, commonplace utensils are flushed of everyday contextualization and repurposed to create oeuvres that titter on the edge of artifice.

All images Courtesy of the artist and Edouard Malingue Gallery.

Living and working in Paris, Baudart pursues a practice that evolves from Duchamp’s readymade, whilst simultaneously devolving from it; the works or situations proposed are not mere found objects but rather reconfigured and repurposed, composed and re-choreographed materials that have been carefully assembled or moulded to mount a delicate ballet of shapes, colour and form.

Baudart has effectively created his contemporary own; a creation that can not only stand the tests of time – and perhaps even longer than in its original conception – but also a formation that is to be viewed and observed not as a support, but as an object in its own right.

He is also concerned with process; how beyond the material, its properties and original significance as well as use can be reconfigured or represented by a manner of practice. Baudart has by a process of creation distracted the viewer from the material’s utilitarian source, drawing instead on its variant aesthetic possibilities.

Permeating Baudart’s work is a further concern with displacement and effect; how by virtue of presentation, one’s interaction with an object can be changed completely.

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