Diana Orving

Diana Orving, born in 1985, is a Swedish artist renowned for her captivating textile sculptures and paintings. Her works delve into themes such as motherhood, origin, protection, memory, and the dissolution of the self.

All images Courtesy by the artist

Orving’s artistic style is characterized by its associative and intrinsic fluidity. Her sculptural installations exude a strong sense of presence, as the bodies of the sculptures twist and turn, reminiscent of dancing shadow figures. Within the spaces they inhabit, these sculptures interact with one another, creating a choreography accompanied by the interplay of shadows on the walls, symbolizing the intangible and untouchable.

Transparency is a recurring feature in Orving’s creations, as she often employs materials such as silk, metal-mesh, jute, and cotton gauze. She personally dyes the silk, meticulously blending pigments to achieve the precise shades she desires. In her sculptural paintings, she utilizes oil paint on silk, considering painting as a form of lighting, where thin layers of white bring form to life from the darkness.
Orving’s creative process involves a dynamic exchange between various techniques, materials, and formats, encompassing textile sculptures, paintings, and costumes. By exploring the symbiotic relationship between the tactile and the visual, as well as the interplay between the body and space, Orving’s work delves into the intersection of emotion and thought.

Guided by her hands, Orving approaches form as if the sculptures were organic beings with their own will and temperament. The flowing seams in her pieces resemble elastic and living lines, akin to blood veins or tree branches.
Through her art, Orving seeks to express and comprehend states of mind, relationships, and mental and physical processes through form and movement. The lightness of textiles enables her to work on a grand scale, often leading to a sense of being overpowered by the volume. In this state of relinquishing control, something exhilarating emerges—an element of uncertainty and unpredictability that she finds alluring.
Employing a choreographic approach, Orving uses her sculptures to portray relationships, conflicts, fears, and longings. Her work captures a profound sense of interconnectedness, emphasizing that one is not an isolated entity but rather a small part of a larger system.

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