The Space


THE ARCHIVE HOTEL is a visual playground for retracing, reconstructing, re-enacting, repeating, reproducting, reproducing  & recreating: composition, interpretation, instruction & execution of the need, the desire and the fear of AN ARCHIVE.

The Host The Archive Hotel
Location Various

THE ARCHIVE HOTEL is the child of an investigative art practice and the urge for collective participation. It resulted in an autonomous platform for artistic research dedicated to the artist’s ARCHIVE, embracing HOMAGE & CONFLICT. In its rooms the hotel fosters different critical and aesthetical research methods that paves the road to an artistic identity.

THE ARCHIVE HOTEL is an alternative educational project that invites artists to give an insight into their work process. The time and space they are taking between the inspiration and the finished artwork. Or in other words their experience in the studio.

More specifically THE ARCHIVE HOTEL wants to focus on how an artist deals with its image collection. We want to inspire young artists and offer an understanding to those who bear a love for images. To lend knowledge about this process we touch on the delicate relation between images and words as ‘the word’ has always been considered as the medium par excellence for expressing ideas and concepts, yet we are inviting artists and audience to communicate through a visual language.

THE ARCHIVE HOTEL debates the idea of creating images as a reaction, an answer, a consequence or product of another image.

Find more details on the initiativ’s website.
The Archive Hotel/ed 4, most probably, will be released in June 2020.

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